StrateMaxx is an Empowering Supplier and Service Provider with a Level 4 B-BBEE Compliancy Status. We are a strategic advisory firm, specialising in providing expert advice to Business in the field of Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment transformation and providing compliancy management and business solutions. StrateMaxx is in a unique position to offer your business tailor-made solutions in order to improve and maintain your B-BBEE level and ensure peace of mind compliancy on all elements of the B-BBEE Scorecard. Our custom developed Compliance Management System ensures that your strategic compliance and business needs are taken care of. We offer solutions across all the B-BBEE Codes - visit our Resources section if you need more information on the different B-BBEE Codes.

Strategy: Ownership

We offer strategic B-BBEE ownership solutions which makes sense for your business and are fully compliant with all B-BBEE legislative requirements. Contact Us today for your own tailor-made B-BBEE ownership solution.

Strategy: Skills Development

Skills development is a priority requirement and a fundamental need for the economic growth of the South African economy. Our team and strategic partners are uniquely positioned to provide expert skills development solutions, relevant to your business. Contact Us today.

Strategy: Enterprise & Supplier Development

Did you know that your enterprise & supplier development contributions may be done on an investment basis where your capital is secure? Through our strategic partners we ensure that you receive B-BBEE recognition for your investment year on year. Contact Us today to get you started!

Strategy: Preferential Procurement

Preferential procurement forms part of the enterprise & supplier development element of B-BBEE, but has its own unique set of requirements. As a result, expert solutions are required. Struggling to obtain your supplier B-BBEE certificates? Did you know that you require an imports plan if you are an importer of goods or services? Contact Us today for prompt assistance.

Strategy: Socio-Economic Development

Finding the right SED & CSI initiative may sometimes appear problematic. Knowing that your hard-earned money is going towards a worthy cause is critically important. Just as important is having confidence that you will earn the B-BBEE points you are entitled to for the contributions made. Contact Us today for the right solution.

Strategy: Employment Equity

Having the right people in the right positions within your business will have a material effect on your B-BBEE Scorecard. Different targets for the 6 different sub-population groups may be applicable to your business. Always make decisions on staff requirements by keeping your overall B-BBEE strategy in mind. Contact Us today to obtain proper advice.

Compliance Management System

Our Compliance Management System (CMS) has been developed to ensure proper and timeous adherence to the different B-BBEE compliancy requirements. It provides a set of checks and balances to guarantee that strategic milestones are met and to ensure proper tracking of B-BBEE verification requirements in order to ensure a smooth B-BBEE Verification Process.

In particular, the StrateMaxx CMS focus on the following areas:

  • Ownership Element - Ensuring that statutory, CIPC & contractual documentation are in place and in order. Preparation of business owners for interviews and further verification requirements.

  • Management Control Element - Ensuring alignment between business staff requirements and B-BBEE needs. Vetting of HR documents and Employment Equity Act requirements. Preparation of staff for interviews and further verification requirements.

  • Skills Development Element - Ensuring compliance with the Skills Development Act and the Skills Development Levies Act. Monitoring of business training needs and the implementation of priority skills. Vetting of core skills development and further verification requirements. Preparation of learners for verification interviews.

  • Enterprise & Supplier Development Element - Supplier B-BBEE certificate optimisation and evidentiary audit trail confirmation. Vetting of enterprise & supplier development beneficiary credentials. Ensuring compliancy of enterprise & supplier development initiatives.

  • Socio-Economic Development Element - Vetting of socio-economic development beneficiary credentials. Ensuring compliancy of socio-economic development initiatives. Maximising the socio-economic development beneficiary base in order to ensure full benefit recognition.

  • B-BBEE Scorecard Tracking - Month to month tracking of the implementation of compliancy initiatives across all B-BBEE elements. Status report delivery to monitor the overall B-BBEE strategy and to ensure that compliancy gaps are identified and addressed in a timeous manner.

  • B-BBEE Scenario Planning - B-BBEE business modeling to provide different options across a range of variables. Strategic report delivery identifying implementable solutions geared towards maximum B-BBEE benefit.